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Hello world! hello DA!:) it sure has been a while... sorry for not staying in touch - i've been busy... jet setting it around the world. Talking, painting, teaching and dreaming lots about ridiculous dreams, such as taking a train around the world of all the genius and awesomeness of humankind... packaged ever so splendidly in a circus of participation, activation and regeneration... leaving traces of food gardens, painted walls and inspired people of all ages...
in the meantime i do my best to enjoy my ever changing surroundings and get some painting in as time & space provides:)
I'll be spending the Solstice, 21st of December 2012 on the Big Island of Hawaii... celebrating the birth of a new planet at the captain of the New Earth Army's land... playing as if we were already 10 years in the future after acclimating to the Love Bomb... ;)
Here's to all of you having a wonderful Solstice and Holyday season:)
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Hello Deviants:)...
Been a little while since I've been around these parts... figured it was time to swing back through...
I"m deep in the cave... finishing up a new series of work for my upcoming solo show at 'Knew Conscious Gallery' in Denver, Colorado.
Opening reception is Feb. 11th... 2012

here is the link to details about the show:…
Here's the Facebook invite:…

"The whole of humankind is in each one of us. In both the conscious and the unconscious.  
One is the result of thousands of years; embedded in each one us – as one can find, if one knows how to delve into it, go deeply inside – is the whole history, the whole knowledge, of the past." –Krishnamurti-

I left nothing hidden in my latest body of work, "Self Exposure." It is my quest to reveal the mystery & power that lies within and provoke the lifting of the collective veil.

The largest piece in this show is 'Ana-Suromai' which is a life size self portrait. In this piece I am lifting my skirt to a corrupt system based on greed, based on the profiting in war, and mindless consumption of the masses. It symbolizes the awakening of our personal power, shocking one into introspection as this system is beginning to crumble.

We stand at a pinnacle in time, and as I paint I confront truth that lies behind the mystery of self. Many of these pieces began as live paintings during concerts, gatherings & festivals.
By releasing thought, faces began to center within the window of the egg, a mirror reflecting everything that has been and could be. I tuned into each character as their stories developed and as I painted I meditated and listened with heightened senses to the world around me. This allowed for a visual story to be told, weaving color and form, allowing meaning & purpose to reveal itself.

As seen with works previous to this collection, the egg has been a deeply reoccurring symbol in my work. It again is significant with this body of work as it acts as a vessel in which anything can be held or conceived. It is a time portal, a doorway to infinite possibilities, giving birth to constant change.  

In my studio, these pieces matured while the vibrating frequency of a collective human evolution, of a revolution in consciousness, inspired each detail. I am inspired by the visionaries of today and yesterday, to build a bridge between their words and actions. I can feel the destructive patterns of the west dissolving away into a cooperative force fueled with respect and creativity. I see a train filled with infinite possibilities, inspiring a new wave of consciousness, spreading the seed of awakening in it's flowing wake.

This year, 2012, is symbolizing a re-birth, a shedding of skin, and this collection represents my journey deep into myself, emerging a bright new perspective, and echoing the truth of the interconnectedness of everything in this universe.

Self Exposure will bring about questions that only you can answer. Perhaps this work could help de-code your journey, help bring an awareness of your next mission, or reconnect with your own life force. Perhaps this adventure will mark the beginnings of a fresh challenge that requires only you & I, to stop resisting, to let go, and dance… J

>stay tuned... new work will be posted soon<
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With doors, windows & portals opening all around, I am EXCITED for this Year!
Feeling the propulsion of time & the desire for reaching out further beyond the thresholds of known ground, time & space:)
It is a time for TRUTH as we step into the roles we have chosen, and become integral with our thoughts and actions as we listen to our dreams and become ACTIVE and conscious DREAMERS.

Dream big, dream vast… and go deep in prayer as we unite in healing and evolution of ourselves and the planet. There is no better time then NOW…
Breath… Smile… and BE in PEACE :)

This Saturday in downtown LA is the anniversary show of the Temple of Visions & 2 doors down is also the opening of the HIVE Gallery's Tarot show... I have new work in both gallerys... if you are in the area it would be lovely to see you there!:)
check out my website for more info:

(: love n light :)
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As i sit here in my studio on Rooftopia in downtown Los Angeles i ponder the adventures of the late summer and fall that my ever fascinated self seeks... degree's of sadness and memories of ecstatic joy flood my veins in cocktails of ticklish pleasure and inspiration... the point of soaring alone and removed, above ALL of it - is where i find the most peace... painting sure can take me there... maybe that is why i am so addicted to it...

This new piece 'The Shaman' - is my latest piece, completed for The Moksha Family's 'Art Basel Miami Beach' Art Fair (Dec.3-9)... was super awesome to be apart of this and have my work now recognized in larger circles, we all had an epic time there and look forward to it again next year!:) there are lots of photo's posted on Facebook from the festival:)

Am jamming now like mad for a very epic event on the 9th of January in downtown Los Angeles. I will be one of the featured artists at the HIVE Gallery, as well as doing a mural with SHRINE and having a new piece in the GRAND opening of the permanent gallery of THE TEMPLE OF VISIONS -international highly refined visionary art-

I feel very honored to be apart of these most amazing events:)
stay tuned for an update on events and shows planned for 2010...

and if you might be interested in prints of mine - am considering putting some images up here thru DA - what do you think?

have a lovely holiday season with friends and family or in the immaculate amazing company of yourself:)
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Currently i find myself where i'm 'not' suppossed to be, as i've expected myself to be somewhere else... and it is a very odd and free feeling - lofty, clear, spontaneous and fun:) i'm on my way back to the old country, to vienna to continue, wrap up and begin a few things over the summer months...
There is a clarity that has descended and things are manifesting at hyper-speed... it's a lot to keep up with, but i am constantly reminded to throw away the oars and watch for the signs that are everywhere... As i am looking forward to the commissions, adventures and re-uniting in Europe... also hoping to help Fuchs out with the Apocalyspe Chapel and finish the drapery that i begin oh so many years ago... I am looking forward to returning to Los Angeles and my new found dream space atop a 1912 building in downtown... a true historic artist loft building currently going thru a re-birth. My new space perches up on the roof and has ample space for me to lay the next series of paintings that i have been itching to do... and yes in larger proportions and with goals of some big shows to come... Talks are buzzing for setting up some dates next year for solo shows of the new work... i'll refrain to mention with whom till it actually is solidified;)
I plan to be in Miami for Art Basel, I am painting the Moksha family symbol and look forward to exhibiting alongside other luminaries during the first week in December.

Also I am happy to announce my participation with the HIVE Gallery in LA as one of the featured artists on the front walls opening January 2nd, 2010, in conjunction with the now annual Temple of Visions exhibition at the HIVE and PEACE (a new Yoga/Art Gallery only blocks away from the HIVE).... which hopefully will turn into a larger gathering bringing Visionaries from far and wide to check out the budding downtown LA scene:) stay tuned for more details thru

blessings to all and hope you have a wonderful summer:)
greetings from the ethers ;)
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So, starting to feel like a musician with gigs left and right ;) i guess that's how they roll out there... rock stars left and right ;)
not complaining, not complaining!!

May 1st: 'C.A.V.E Gallery' group show 'Brush Fire'  with Chet Zar & Christopher Ulrich etc...
        7-11PM -507 Rose Ave. VENICE Beach, CA ( )
May 2nd: 'HIVE Gallery' May Show - 6-8PM Collectors Preview & 8-12:30AM (8$ cover) - 725 S. Spring St., LA, CA 90014 ( )
May 2nd: 'Crewest' Conceptual [v.3] - 6-9PM - 110 Winston St., LA, CA 90013 ( )
May 3rd: 'Interdimensional Art Tour' - at the Temple Niteclub - 540 Howard St. in San Francisco, CA (
May 23rd : Seattle, Washington - Columbia City Theatre - 4918 Rainier Ave S
June 4th : Eugene, Oregon - Fenario Gallery - 881 Willamette St. (Art will remain here until the end of June.)
May 9th: 'Interdimensional Art Show' - 5pm-3am at Eastern Bloc, 7240 rue Clark, Montreal ( )

The C.A.V.E Gallery is a lovely little gallery in Venice beach and will be showing two paintings along with some notable colleagues such as Chet Zar & Christopher Ulrich opening this Friday...
At the HIVE this month, SHRINE is doing an installation in the middle room which i'm sure will be awesome, and i will be shifting my space around, remixing and adding new eye candy in the Temple of Visions;)
I've painted on a spray can for the May group show at the renowned Crewest Gallery in downtown LA...
A brand new 'egg' painting titled 'Spirit Rising' is apart of the Interdimensional Art Tour that is starting in San Francisco on Sunday, then going on to Seattle and ending in Oregon at the Fenario Gallery for a month. Also the collaboration piece 'Transcendance' that i did with Even Oldridge will be apart of the tour.  
And last but not least, the Interdimensional Show in Montreal that Chris Dyer has put together will have a print on canvas of mine in it. Unfortunately i won't be able to make it out to Montreal, or Seattle & Oregon... but will be at the local shows in LA and hopefully make it up for the San Francisco show on sunday....

Also::: Check out this video with an interview i did on the downtown LA art scene by Tamara Choi:

Also another Interview/Documentary from the series 'Artist Unusual' by Randy Wall:…
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*if you happen to be in Los Angeles, come to the HIVE tomorrow night! or for Artwalk next thursday:) an awesome show is up this month:)*


April 4th, 8-12:30AM

Dear Friends of The Hive Gallery,

            We would like to sincerely thank you for your continued support of The Hive Gallery and Artist Studios and welcome you to our 4 year anniversary show on Saturday, April 4th,2009. Attending our shows has allowed The Hive to grow in leaps and bounds this year with art sales continually rising, press across the boards from our "Deadline Tv" segment covering our Beerotica exhibit on HDTV, radio, newspaper (#1 Gallery in Los Angeles Downtown News),  and Online coverage (including featuring The Hive as the top gallery on the artwalk for out of towners to come and visit). Plus, we have continued to develop Hive goodies. New this year has been our youtube channel, with Konovision- artist Randy Kono has covered our shows each month at,
our "Blog" by Julie Hershberger- covering the day to day happenings of The Hive at
(also accessible on our website under "News"), Hive Movie Nights (every Wed. FREE sponsored by Old Bank DVD),
and of course our Bit'a'Honey Button packs (limited edition 1/20 button packs covering each of the featured artists every month),and Hive tshirts.

Our  4 Year Anniversary show will feature over 70 top artists exhibiting affordable art that will be added to our upcoming book entitled, "A Field Guide to the Denizens of Hiveland" (artists will present self portraits of their alter egos in a surrealist world we call "Hiveland"). In addition, specific artists from last year will be painting seens of heroism with their avatars in our themed show " Love and War in Hiveland". As well, The Hive and Non-profit Global Inheritance  present, "Think Big!", with 25 artists painting/sculpting on mini recycling bins that will be traveling to the Grammy's, Coachella, The Spirit awards and more! Finally, we will be presenting some amazing featured artists including Featured Artist 1:Macsorro, Featured Artist 2: Danni Shinya Luo, Tall Wall Artist: Jehan Choo, Small Wall Artist: Lee Anne Hale, and Installation artist: Alisa Lapidus. These Hive discovered artists are some of the premiere artists in Southern California that curator Cartwright has picked to be "The Next Big Thing"and they will be sure to have strikingly beautiful, thought-provoking and affordable pieces for your collection.

            *In addition, the first 15 people to come this Saturday night will recieve the Hive's Royal Jelly DVD( designed as a DVD-zine, this video is a behind the scenes look at the artists, the themed shows and Curator Cartwright hard at work. We plan on releasing a new Royal Jelly DVD in 2010 to bring you closer to what we have going on at The Hive and help you get to know the artists who work here).

  Once again thank you very much and we look forward to seeing you soon,

                        The Hive Gallery- 729 S. Spring St. LA, CA 90014
                        Founder/Curator Nathan Cartwright

-We will be posting most of the featured artist's works with titles, prices, and approximate sizes,  Friday, the 3rd on our website:
(note: some work may be up before then but all featured artist work and group show work willbe up for viewing after 3 PM Thursday )

-All available work  is listed under the "Art for Sale" section for April 2009.

-If you see a piece that you like- please send a jpeg of the image to
or call 213-840-3733
(To grab an image from the Hive site- double click it in the slide show, it will pop up in another window and you can save it from there. Its important to send a jpeg because artwork is continually being added to the site and number references may change this week).

-If you need to pick up purchased work from a prior show please email that you will be attending Saturday night and we will have your art packaged and ready to go home with you.…

See you soon!!

The Hive Gallery

The Hive Gallery and Studios and Global Inheritance presents:

The Hive Gallery Group show and Performances-


April 4th 8-12:30AM
$8 at door/ $5 for those dressed in Black and Yellow
Show runs Apl.4th to 26th

Featured Artist 1: Macsorro
Featured Artist 2: Danni Shinya Luo
Tall Wall Artist: Jehan Choo
Small Wall Artist: Lee Anne Hale
Installation Artist: Alisa Lapidus


1.Global Inheritance "Think Big" Themed show- Artists paint mini recycling bins to travel the USA:

Laura Diamond / Yumiko Awae / Milla Zeltzer / Nick Wildermuth / Henry F. Cram / Elizabeth Caffey / V / Randy Kono / Julie Bossinger / Randy Horton / Lauren Over / Amy Bernays /Dustin Myers / Asylm / Melody Duenas / Jennifer Lee / Birgitte Moos / Jake Roanhaus / Kio Griffith / Christopher Hall / Skyler Gonzalez / Michael Pukac / LD Grant / Big Toe / JJ Martin / Steven E. Wireboss / Kristyn Dors / Corey Smith / Juan Carlos Sanchez de Luna

2.HIVE AVATAR SHOw- Featured artists or to be featured artists paint their portraits as avatars in Hive created fantasy world, Hiveland:

Marlon McWilliams / Jamie Burton / Ching Ching Cheng / Hembert Guardado / Christopher Ulrich "The Aeon Project" / Steven Sattler / Terri Woodward / Paul Torres / Mike Lewis / Steve Katz / Pamela Mower-Conner / Megan Levens / Kenji Tananka / Augie Pagan / Ken Dougherty / Michael Alvarez / Brian Smith / Amy Shawley / Girls Drawin Girls / Sara Hedstrom /  
Brian Smith / Ryan Gannon / Grant Fuhst / Melody Duenas / Lauren Gardiner / Lea Vendetta / Asia / Katz / Lauren Gardiner / Eric Davison / Carmen Luceno / Amanda Sage / Rebecca Hahn / Natalie Repp / J.Shea / Johnny Siu / Brendan Sharkey / Eric Vasquez / David Gough / Danielle Duer / Shawn AKO Whisenant / Shannon O'Connor / Ashley Bamburg / Anne Walker / Melody Severns / Daisy Church / Natalie Zigal / Jill Schwartz / Joseph Corsentino / Elizabeth Lopez / Taslimur / Treiops Treyfid /
Ron Pete / Justin Schaefer / Alina Chau / Ernesto Vasquez / Mikolaj Wyszynski / Drone

3."Acts of Heroism" Love and War Theme- select artists from last years Avatar show, paint acts their avatars in the act of love or war:

Michelle Mia Araujo / Nicole Bruckman / Mike Bilz / Haubs / Macsorro / Nick Wildermuth / Billy Dyson / Nicole Bruckman / Carl Lozada / Douglas Alvarez / LD Grant / Erick Rodriguez / Nate Seubert / Holly Wood / Ted Von Heiland / 13:11 / Mary Spring / Jophen Stein / Kristyn Dors / Radhika Hersey / Joe Scarano / Yuki Miyazaki / Paul Torres / Jason Hadley /
Douglas Alvarez / Ichae Ackso / Snow Mack


8:15 - 8:45 - EclecticPaul from Helios Jive []
9:00 - 9:30 - Gracefull Hollerin'
10:00 - 10:30 - Ninja Academy []
11:00 - 11:30 - The Dvine 1 []
12:00 - 12:30 - Panhead []


8:00 - 9:30 - Donut [ ]
9:30 - 10:30 - Quangtstah [ ]
10:30 - 11:30 - Innaspace [ ]
11:30 - 12:30 - DJ Kronick [ ]

Resident Artists:

Travis Morley / Sensei / Tiziano Project / Nathan Cartwright / Mary Spring / Terry Kim / Greg Gould / Walt Hall / Temple of Visions /Feminine Oddities / Shrine / Sonik / Ichae Ackso / Leyla Akdogan / Stephan Canthal / Paul Torres / The Little Red Writer / Randy Kono / Sara Hedstrom / Alex Schaefer / Macsorro / Patrick Haemmerlein / Wasmi / Radhika Hersey / Federico Hudson / Yuki Miyazaki / Sophia Gasparian / Ink Pen Mutations Press / Laura Diamond / Amanda Sage / Julie Hershberger

Hive Facebook Fanpage:…

Hive Myspace Page:…

Hive Youtube Channel:

Face Painting by: /

Burlesque Performance by: Feminine Oddities

phone: 213-955-9051

The Hive Gallery & Studios | 729 South Spring Street | Los Angeles | CA | 90014
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Hi everyone:)
been hacking away at long hours before the screen.... ahhh - want to get back to what i do maybe better with the brush;) (or maybe with more enjoyment, although this screen can also feed me moments of great epiphany;)
Anyway, just wanted to put it out there that i've put two original drawings in eBay as a bit of an experiment... These are two of the first drawings/paintings i did when i arrived in L.A.
I'm currently an artist in residence at the HIVE Gallery & Studio's in downtown Los Angeles... if you happen to be in the area stop by!! :)
check out my website for further details on upcoming shows and news:)

'The Watcher' on eBay:…

'Bio-Morphic Cityscape' on eBay:…

check out ARCHIVE's (new album 'Controlling Crowds' out any day.... dear friends of mine:)
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Check out this really amazing new online magazine of 'The Invisible College' by Gwyllm Llwydd on :…
I am one of the featured visual artists along with my good friend Leo Plaw. There is a great article along with amazing photo's from a visit with Albert Hoffman just a couple months before his passing... as well as many other fascinating things:)

...i never did get a chance to meet Albert, but i do feel a close kinship as i was born on bicycle day, the day he had his first psychedelic experience while riding home on his bicycle... April, 19th.... :)
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Just a little shout out to let everyone know that i'll be showing new work as a resident of the HIVE Gallery in L.A starting in March 2009:)
stay tuned for more updates:)

best wishes:)
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In Response to: ‘The International Surreal/Fantastic/Visionary/Counter-cultural/
Neo-Renaissance Art Exhibit and Convention 2009’ proposal and initiative.

(as a quick note: I just read the post by John Paul Thornton, on the ‘surreal arts club’… main page on DA after writing the below statement) – I very much agree with many of the things he wrote – as I see no lack in enthusiasm, I sense the need for ‘real world’ tactics for manifesting this dream. To me it seems more apparent that this is a DA focused exhibition/group, which is fine and should happen… many of my below comments are in reference to an idea of an Exhibition/Convention that compiles all of these larger contemporary initiatives (DA participants being a part)… And yes I think it is good as John noted that the mission be simple and clear. Such as this being an initiative focused on this grouping of people/artists through DA. I have been involved and connected with a mass array of artists and creators of many of these genres and generations all over the world  in the past 8 years– of course when I read the above title that is VERY all encompassing – I feel that a HUGE amount of these very important artists & initiatives are not represented or involved here on DA. So after reading John’s statement, I feel much better with this being focused completely around the artists and community on DeviantArt… it is enough for a beginning in bringing these aspirations into reality. Reality must be felt first, and best to start small I think, the vastness of imagination are realms that can be melded with the physical realm… but yet have their challenges;)!
I would be interested in being involved, observing and supporting the growth of this project…  (sorry for the delay in my response, I was elsewhere occupied;))
So here are my previous thoughts:

Hi Gromyko and all involved!
i was writing in personal response to G since he’s been chasing my response!, but then i decided i might as well post this a bit broader, as my response became more then just a comment;)...
yes i have read the above proposal thru quite a few times for (The International Surreal/Fantastic/ Visionary/ Counter-cultural/ Neo-Renaissance Art Exhibit and Convention 2009)... and it did send little lightening bolts thru my system;) --- the reason being, as i've also written 'concepts' along the line of what you put together, but just haven't gone so far as making it public, as i know what initiating this could entail for me personally, and i haven't been in a space yet to dedicate myself to this... rather needing and knowing i need to paint first and formost. Although i do see and FEEL the masses gurggling and beginning to form and want to connect, i see more books, more exhibitions, more gatherings happening all the time... the one thing though that i still feel a bit reticent about, is that for me it is all very un-definable in this sub-groups of sub-groups self proclaiming missionary qualities. Passionate manifesto's are written (which is all good and well, sparking light and education), founding 'groups', etc... but to me (even the compiling of a book) is a very subjective action and someones personal opinion& taste.... it is about WHO is giving their energy to writing and judging what is good, what is bad and what is important….. to me, something HUGE like what you are talking about, would be very dependent on having key 'players' a part of this - but for it to go 'beyond' personal selection and ego's in general (which is still no matter how much 'we' would like to say 'we' are battling this very issue... it is still nesting comfortably in our subconscious:my opinion).

I do have a few critique points. First of all, I don't think that the 'artists' should be the ones organizing this necessarily, and above all who ever, whatever group does do all the 'work' they should be paid well... as well as a very high profiled panel/jury/selection committee.  This to me is a very critical point... as i have worked very intensely for the past 8 years in a non-profit, self governed 15,000 square meter Alternative Culture House in Vienna: WUK ( ) - and have many an experience in group decision making, etc... and to have something done very professionally, you need to play with a certain amount of rules, guidelines and structure. (I am not saying here that you are not doing this! I don’t have enough sight into your project to judge this!)
What it ultimately comes down to, is that people working and creating 'groups' and projects that are of extreme idealistic/utopic nature, often butt up against the 'mis-understanding/petty differences/ that one doesn't even think would play a part because we are already soooo beyond such low emotional reactivity... but alas my experience has been similar to being in a relationship... one is loaded with what one wants and dreams love is, then at some point we are confronted with the very physical, subconscious baggage that we have accumulated in our genes, our experiences (back to childhood and earlier?) and all those other dormant 'demons'. This then leading us to conflict and being in a very different reality than what we imagined, and that very dream suffocates in the meddle of misunderstanding.
I do believe there are people out there who are very conscious of this, and are able to balance these influences, but they are few. And i do think that many 'dreamers' are attracted especially to this kind of art because it is an escape, it is something that sings to their souls... but as i said it is an escape, and as we are blinded by the revelations, by the HOPE, by the dream (ya, cause who wants to give attention to the shit piling up around us).... I think we are evolving ultimately in this direction, but the jux is that many of us just aren’t there yet).
so i guess what i am trying to say, is that your proposal, and many of the other proposals and lofty dreams and plans that i see accumulating and accelerating... it is wonderful, it needs to happen, many of them need to happen, and if someone feels the fire to do so, they should follow their vision... but I do see possible loop holes as a result of my personal experience… I don’t want to judge though or project, I just want to share of this (I believe) very realistic issue of making a dream a reality on a BIG scale (beyond creating a painting for an example, which is you and the canvas and the paint working it out!).
A friend of mine once told me about a group of people who were working for the same cause of building a school. They created a 'full being' (which could be compared with a Board of Directors or so) and each person there was responsible for a specific organ (say stomach, kidney, lungs, etc) and for nothing else except that this organ works efficiently... all together they made the heart. And it was a very successful experiment!  I’ve always found this to be a very interesting concept.

i believe that something is happening, accelerating on this planet... i do believe it is the awakening to who we really are... and i think that many of us, no matter what we create are in pursuit of looking for that answer... this is one reason why i cannot put a certain art genre or definitive group in the pit pot and spit at it... no - i don't believe in this judgment or focus on them and that their being is the reason why 'we' aren't getting what we think we should be getting.
i think it all has a place... and the way the top market in the Arts, is reflective of this world, of the systems behind ALL of it... and they are all interconnected!

i am in a way almost more of a fan of one Curator, or a small group that sees the BIG picture of all the initiatives and serious artists, putting together a comprehensive/simple message in a large exhibition... Such exhibitions as the annual 'Society for the Art of Imagination' Exhibition (i participated in London in 2000) - i think have their place, but are generally a reflection of how indefinable it all is when all thrown into one pot! Yes the lines and boundaries, and definitions have become fuzzy... and yes could that be the point?
Have you contacted people such as Martina Hoffmann and Robert Venosa? Alex & Allyson Grey, Jon Beinart/Leo Plaw (, Delvin (Galaktik Trading Cards & Liminal Village BOOM 08), oh the list goes on and on…..

So when i read your words, i nod my head in agreement, for i think i am swimming in a similar sea... i just feel a certain aversion to this, yet again, 'us' - come sign on the dotted line, we are an army, we are a party, we are a gang... and I think some people really need this... but there are just soooooo many gangs and groups and etc etc out there.... sooooo many of these forum websites... we have become slaves to the screen, to communicating and proliferating ourselves. although i do believe this is very important to us interconnecting with eachother!!

To come to some sort of conclusion, I support you all in the blossoming of your idea's... i do not question your integrity and vision, i just do question the physical links and actions...

I am curious where you are now with this idea and plan? have you connected with others outside of DeviantArt? what are your aims in collaborating with other organizations and initiatives? I would advise in whittling the priorities down and making a very clear game plan… and Those of you ‘Conducting/Administrating’ this, I would advise you be clear about how much energy you ‘give’ without a sufficient ‘receiving’ (this I have just seen& experienced as something that can get quite overwhelming).
I do believe a big conference/convention of sorts should take place, or maybe a world tour of sorts, with a morphing exhibition, seminars, discussions, symposiums, workshops etc... and i imagine it will... the financing is a crucial point, and of course the conductors. the first step from my perspective is that a clear global discernment of what is happening  be put together and from that the right time/place/meeting will present itself.
Everyone will need to work together in this sense, and want it to happen. I do think that for this to happen, a even larger circle needs to be included, the visual arts being just one of those links to this current awakening of humanity.

I have a certain ‘trust’ that all is happening as it should, and if something needs to happen it will channel itself thru the people it needs to create and conduct it… we are all pieces of the puzzle!

Anyway - this is my 2 cents;) --- i have begun to be instigated again into thoughts about all this from other circles as well...
i'm open to further dialog and look forward to comments from you all! I hope this wasn’t toooo much… kinda went off on a few tangents;)

Many greetings and powerful inspiration…
Amanda Sage

PS:::: you wrote 'Universal Artistic Brotherhood' not that i'm a mad feminist... but i do think that such a statement should be reconsidered!
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Hello all:)
just wanted post the Online link to our SURROTICA show in Vienna...:…

Exhibition by
Amanda Sage & NoMe Edonna.

Finissage: 5-9pm 8.8.2008

Galerie 10
Getreidemarkt 10
1010 Vienna -Austria
Vienna, Austria
hello all!!

i think i kinda forgot to make a post about my husband NoMe Edonna and my shoe 'EXTENSIONS' thats up now in San Francisco till July 6th at MADUSALON, 300 Divisadero (@ Page)... there is some more info if you go to my website: - will also be posting the whole show up soon, maybe tonight if i get around to it?!

We'll also be doing a show in Vienna 'SURROTICA' -(erotic surrealism)- at the Galerie 10 opening end of June - will post the specific date soon...

in the midst of freeing ourselves of stuff... opening the dams, moving the ghosts... backs are hurting, but the mind is flying, the air is fresh... the adventure continues :):)
Hi All!!! This is a little shout going out to inform of a new community being formed on DA... took this little blurb from who is also one of the founding members:::

I'm helping to found a movement which i think is a valuable addition to the arts--the recognition of Visionary Arts on DA. You can find our site at:…

As we launch i feel we'll create a great new community within the larger scope of creative endeavors/application and exploration. Be sure and check it out, there will be some truly fascinating work displayed as we progress!
new year...silence...for a bit...reflection, anticipation...wondering what this year will bring, in awe of what has already past...
and that it will be better than i could have ever imagined, more profound, more perfect, elaborate, fantastic, exotic, poetic...
reving the rpm... ready for the next gear...
preparation, focus, completion....
2008... the 1... beginning? new beginnings for me that is...
new collaberations, stretching & challenging the vision...dedication, patience and trust...

blessings to all in this new year:) may the fresh wind bring us back to our centers, remind us to listen to the murmer of our souls and re-evaluate what is of the greatest importance... what our highest goals are... in the accelerating crazyness of our times we need to remind ourselves of our priorities... so many distractions... quality and growth need focus and our undivided all we do....

ps::-- have a gander at this article : Traditional Art with the Human Form :…

very interesting compilation of paintings, of which one of mine has the pleasure to be apart... :)
floating... still... after the ashes have blown into the four corners of the earth... my heart an open volcano... most amazing experience ever.... Burning Man.... burn burn.... NoMe Edonna ( and i married under the massiveness of a flaming mushroom cloud in Black Rock city........
we are blessed... we paint... we will paint... we are love... giving love, giving thanks....
link to our space on Myspace thru  :…;

we are: 'We are a Peaceful Creature' ........
Hi All:):)
This is a little notice about my exhibition that will be opening in 2 weeks here in Vienna!...
I will be showing all the new work that has been developing since my trip to Bali in March... as well as a few older pieces.... for those that can't see it in person... i am trying to get my new site up so i can give an online tour...:)

Opening/Vernissage: 30.Nov. 19o'clock
Show runs thru 29th of Dez.
open Mon/Fri/Sat from 10-18o'clock

Galerie 10
Getreidemarkt 10
1010 Vienna

i'ts late again... well kind of - no such thing as late or early lately, just in my head... it's hot, but in my world it's been hot for months and months - and i like it, like it alot;) working on 'coming back' back to a life i've known for a while... is always so 'transient' when one is away... funny how it's like that;) i like that place of transit - it's scary - but exhilerating... trains, planes, automobiles and just moving is becoming ever more a place?! but then there is the contradiction that when we are still we can move mountains... the duality of just about everything has been crashing upon me the past week (just maybe a bit more intensive than normal)... but how detailed do i want to get? what does whoever is reading this want to read right now? that my love addicted cat is rubbing her drool all over my hands as i try to type... anyway.... this is a journal - so it's a super in the moment journal this time.... transit - between before and what is to come. what happens there, where is one really - not thinking of what just happened and what is about to happen... so what happens when one is in an airplane/car/train/bicycle/running or walking for like 10 hours? where are you really... ya easy to answer - but really - shoved into a 'vehicle' often with random random people - there by coincedence?!?! and we say theres no such thing as 'coincedence'... transit gets exciting when one thinks of all these things.... mysterious space... called movement - and when moving with the physical body it sometimes loosens up the 'other' bodies which is essential... hum... so off on a random tangent...... will keep posting stuff- soon i'll put together an online exhibition of all the stuff i did in Bali... but i kinda want to wait for the whole new body of work i have been working on the past 4 months whilst out and about...., comes together- thru finishing and creating new paintings this summer and then to start showing it by doing a show near the end of Sept. in my studio... we'll see... would try and open an online show around the same time... humm brainstorming... anybody want to feel super good, like their superpowers are real! (seriously some good stuff minus the cheesyness) - (if you want to watch it straight up and pay the 5$ - it works good... i did it and it was really clear and worked great!!!)
sooo---sooo much has not sure how to look, listen, process it all- let alone accept that i am now on a familiar yet completly alien piece of Europe again. i have been rarely at internet in the time in Bali.. and it would have been too slow to load any images- so i decided to wait till i got back to look in again... and low and behold... a DD for 'Day & Night' many thanks to the suggestion by libelle!! and the post by oedalis!!! i have yet to look and respond to the many comments....
i painted about 11 oil/acrylic pieces in Bali as well as around 70 life drawing pieces (including some beautiful Legong Dancers). Also some collaberations were begun and or lived with some artists that i met there... i will put together a more detailed report on the highlights with links to some of these amazing artists and musicians!!! I had a little exhibition the week before i left, titled 'Memories, Dreams and Visions' in the bar of a friend of mine in Ubud, Bali - it was great to get some local reactions to my work and am very very considering building a studio there and living there part time... The energy of that island is so creative and pulsing with energy - i feel so alive and apart and as if i belong there--- i always have... just 6 years inbetween made the connection fuzzy and distant... going back flooded the memories and fed my cosmic connection with the place...
As i feel confused and susceptible to slipping into some sort of a depression about the world and it's madness, after traveling so far and between... i have to conciously remind myself that WASTING THE TIME to be in my own private swamp is most selfish and pointless... these words are putting the fire back in my ass, planting my feet on the ground and clearing my mind to see the 'reality' in front of me... we are the masters........ stay tuned for the images:):)
i am standing at a free internet station in the singapore airport... feeling humidty again for the first time in a long while...:) about to board a plane to Bali... with bags overwaited with paints, brushes, paper..etc... everything i need for a mad 2 month painting session with myself!! never done this before, and it is time- no pressure, no distractions... rounding off 10 years at the place i arrived at when i was 18 ---- to be catipulted into the next era --- i expect magic, i expect nothing less then impulsive action, pure true images, things i have never seen....
we'll see how updated i will be here... i may keep it all as a surprise... we'll see it's all yet too fresh:):).............signing out...........and over.........